Karina Hernandez

18. April, 2013




Karina Hernandez
DOB June 6, 1986

My name is Karina Hernandez and I am a sixth generation mariachi. My father, Jose Hernandez introduced me to the violin at the age of five. I guess you can say I fell into it. I began to study classical music and then it was when I turned fourteen that my dad started to teach me mariachi music. Two years later he asked if I would join Mariachi Reyna and it was then that I realized what it felt like to share the stage with my family.
Currently, I am a senior at Vanguard University of Southern California studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I plan on furthering my education by enrolling in a masters program, after graduating in May 2008. I hope to one-day work in the record industry.
When I am not studying or writing papers I tutor Spanish to high school students. My hobbies are: going to the beach, hanging out with my friends and family, reading, and playing my violin.
I feel so honored to be in this group especially under the direction of my father. He is someone that I look up to whether it is involving music or life. I am very proud of my heritage and what my family has accomplished. I am blessed with great parents and I love mariachi music, especially this group.

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