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Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles® fondly captivate audiences with a vivacious spirit. Enriching the mariachi forum as America’s first all female mariachi ensemble, Reyna de Los Angeles® bring sensitivity, beauty, warmth and an attractive perspective to the realm of Mexico’s musical heritage.

Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles® Performances by Reyna de Los Angeles® are mesmerizing, energetic and irresistible. You will relish their dynamic expression which fuels the intensity and power characteristic of the mariachi. Experiencing this embrace will instill within you an exceptional taste of mariachi with passion—the passion of Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles®.

Seize more of Reyna de Los Angeles’® finest CD collections of mariachi from our La Tiendita.

Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles® offers your audience a tantalizing opportunity for appearances suited for your targeted attendants.

Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles®Contact us for performance reservations or call us at
(626) 279-1700.The addition of a few new members to mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles® has challenged me to write new and more inspiring arrangements and compositions for the new millennium—they’re better than ever!

Jose Hernandez

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